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9 ways to add a pop of colour to your big day

Using colour at wedding
Summer. Is. Here. And that means it’s the perfect time to embrace bold, eye-catching brights for the big day. 
In the world of wedding hues, pastels and neutrals tend to rule the roost. While you might not want to give up your peach, mint and blush tones, using pops of colour is a styling statement that we love. Even just a couple of splashes of colour – in your table setting, your flowers or some bunting – will go a long way. Your styling isn’t the only way for you to bring colour into your nuptials though. From your makeup and jewellery to a groom’s kit and your transport, there are more options than you could poke a paintbrush at. Here, we’ve rounded up nine popular (and pretty) possibilities, but when it comes to how you want to add vibrant colours into your day the only limit is your imagination.

With your rings...

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what about sapphires, rubies, emeralds and other coloured gemstones? Take your cues from Kate Middleton or SJP’s Carrie Bradshaw by having a coloured stone take pride of place in your wedding jewellery. Or, if you want a beautiful balance of traditional and new-school, think about a halo of stones or small gems either side of a diamond. Larsen Jewellery has a stunning collection of coloured gemstones, covering everything from classic styles to more modern designs. One of the best parts (and one of our favourite things) about rocking a coloured gem is that you have so many options to choose from. There is a stone for every bride. Brides wanting a burst of blush could opt for tourmaline or topaz, while pink, blue or yellow diamonds are a hit with brides wanting wow-factor. Other vibrant stones include aquamarine, tanzanite, green sapphire and citrine. For something super personal, go with your birthstone. 

With your shoes...

Using colour at wedding
Walking down the aisle in a vibrant set of kicks is a sure-fire way to put extra pep in your step. Brides’ love affair with coloured shoes isn’t exactly breaking news but it is still a worthy contender for this wrap-up. Go bold with vibrant and show-stopping hues, or pick a dark or cool tone for something more subtle. If you’re the sort who likes everything to coordinate, match up your shoes with the palette you’ve picked for the big day. 

Wedding flowers
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Think broccoli and berries.

With your makeup...

Using colour at wedding
We know, this is dangerous territory. Wearing bright lippy on the big day might scare some brides, particularly when images of smudges and lip prints on relatives’ cheeks start to flash before your eyes. Here’s the thing though, some lipsticks boast impressive staying power, especially matte shades, and others are designed to last for hours. It’s a good idea to give your lipstick a test-run a couple of days before the ‘I do’s. You’ll get an idea of how the colour holds up after eating/drinking/air kissing and how easily it fades or transfers. 

With your blooms...

Using colour at wedding
The wedding flower game is dominated by pastels, soft shades and neutral hues. Having bright wedding flowers won't only look amazing but it's ideal for those who want to do something different on the big day. Think pink or purple hydrangeas, blue hyacinths or a mix of red or orange tulips. Getting hitched in a tropical destination? You’ve hit the coloured flower jackpot, thanks to eye-catching calla lillies, striking dahlias and yellow-brushed frangipani. If you don’t want to carry vivid blooms as part of your bouquet, considering using some for your centrepieces or in your venue styling. 

With a groom's kit...

Get the boys in on the colour action by brightening up their big day ensembles. Coloured suits came onto the wedding scene in a big way a few years ago, with grooms wearing two-pieces in blues, burgundy and shades of wheat and tan. All options make a stylish statement but don’t overlook a groom’s accessories. From pocket squares and socks to bow ties and waistcoats, a groom can take his pick on how to add a splash of colour. 

With the cocktails...

Using colour at wedding
Adding a dash of colour doesn’t have to mean going OTT. It can be simple, subtle. One of the tastiest ways is serving tinted cocktails. Do it without artificial food colouring by choosing sips made with already-coloured mixers and liqueurs. Embrace natural colourings by making fruit-based punches, or infusing pale drinks with berries. Need more convincing? We have two words for you: pink champagne.

With your styling...

Using colour at wedding
Are you ready for your imagination to go wild? It will when you start adding snaps of brightly-themed nuptials to your wedding Pinterest board. Styling your venue is the simplest way to up your nuptials’ colour count, and you can go heavy on the hue for wow-factor or keep your vibrant touches on the understated side. Table settings and centrepieces are a great place to start introducing colour and you can then work out from there with bunting and lanterns, photo booth or bridal table backdrops and any other decorations. 

With your transport...

Using colour at wedding
Black, white and greys are the most popular and common shades for wedding cars, so shake your transport up by going with a canary-yellow New York taxi, a bright bicycled or pastel Kombi for your wedding wheels. Not only will you arrived in kaleidoscopic-coloured style but you’ll have a great prop for your photography. Classic cars come in a smattering of shades – blues, greens, red – and swanky convertibles are a popular option too. 
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