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Not sure how to announce your engagement? Maybe don't do this...

Engagement Announcement
You’re engaged, you’re excited and with your left hand a little heavier than usual, you want to share it with the world. 
It’s important however, that you don’t try to counterbalance your spanking-new accessory by going beserk on social media or announcing the news in a moment that's both awkward and inappropriate. Put simply, try not to flood your feed with a string of ring shots – especially if you haven't broken the news to your family yet – and don't steal someone else's spotlight. Choosing the right (and tactful) way to reveal your engagement can be tricky; it should be fun and it should be a surprise, but there’s a time and a place and these four ways are definitely NOT them. Avoid at all costs. 

Coloured chalk engagement shoot
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At an engagement party or event... where you're not the host.

Nothing says poor taste like taking the spotlight away from the real stars of the show: the couple who paid for that slice (or slab) of cake. Don’t let the romantic atmosphere trick you into thinking this giant love-in is a free-for-all. You may think that it's the perfect time to get in on the action – two engagements for the price of two and all – but your hosts probably won't appreciate you taking centre stage. 

And if that's not enough to convince you, just think about the awkward silence, judgement-laden glares and whispers of 'What was she thinking?' that would come your way after. 

Keep your excitement under wraps and let your hosts have their moment; thunder-stealing declarations are mood-killer.

'Look at me! Look at me!'

Everyone loves a sparkler but the ring, and only the ring, should not be the first pic you post after the proposal. Instead, how about a photo of you and the person who actually did the asking? An engagement is between two people and you want people to know who’s really responsible for your big smile. When that base is covered, feel free to go ahead and post the photos showing you, your left hand and your new bling. If you prefer the old-school route, take your cues from Benedict Cumberbatch by giving social media the heave-ho and posting an engagement notice in the newspaper (yes, we said newspaper). The best part about the traditional way? You get to tear the page out, frame it and keep it. Aww.

Hitting 'post' too quickly.

Let us set the scene: a stranger bumps into your parents on the street and congratulates them on your engagement; your parents' jaws hit the floor and they ask, “My who is getting what now?” Families should top the list of people to tell – and not via proxy. Seeing their reaction, surprised, jealous or otherwise, will only up your own excitement.

If you don’t have the time to make one-on-one house visits, invite your nearest and dearest around for a dinner or barbecue. From there, how to deliver the big reveal is up to you. We love the casual mention in a conversation, or, the tried-and-tested, not-so-subtle sweep of your hair with your ring finger. Cue the group hug. 

Getting too big for your britches.

There’s sharing your excitement, and then there’s bragging. We suggest you opt for the former when announcing your newly gained bride-to-be status. Flouncing into a room with your left hand held out like a jousting pole will inevitably result in some very forced smiles from your friends and co-workers. And if you’re the first out of your pod or friends to get a ring, remember that marriage isn’t a competition. Just because you’re first, that doesn’t mean you need to give people diamond-burn from excessive brandishing. Tell your friends and let the word spread naturally; don’t expect Ken from Accounting to drop by your desk asking for all the dreamy details.

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