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A jumpsuit and 5 other ideas for dressing your 'maids differently

Look, there’s nothing wrong with a lovely lavender frock, but not every bride dreams of a line-up of pastel-clad ‘maids. 
The good news? When it comes to kitting out your leading ladies, the rulebook has been thrown out the window. That means if you don’t want your ‘maids to look same-same, they won’t have to. You’ve got a whole Fashion Week’s worth of options, from oh-so-chic coordinate sets to dresses with mismatched patterns and even androgynous tuxedo suits (trust us, it looks awesome). Do you break all traditions and dress your ladies in white? Or should you take your cues from Hollywood and have your besties wear jumpsuits? Decisions, decisions. Sound like something that might be up your street? You’re in luck, because we’re walking you through all the ways you can pull it off. 

The coordinating set

Until a few years ago, the coordinating set was best known as something you'd find in your school principal or nan's wardrobe - so imagine how happy we are that that's totally changed. Kitting your girlfriends out in a matching skirt and top, or even pants and top, makes one lady-like look that's still bang on trend. And with sets in every colour of the rainbow, not to mention every fabric and silhouette, it won't be long til you find one that catches your eye. A lot of sets do feature a crop top, but if some of your bridesmaids aren't comfortable with flashing a bit of tum, there are sets with high-waisted bottoms or longer tops. 
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The mismatched pieces

Here's your chance to tap into your inner fashionista, because having your bridesmaids wear a mix-and-match outfit means there really are no rules. You can go for mismatched fabrics and textures, unconventional prints (clashing patterns is no longer a faux pas) or even just different colours. This option can be worked into every theme and style of wedding, too. Boho brides could look towards floaty skirts and lace tops; formal brides-to-be could be all about the structured satin two-piece. You could even give your ladies a basic brief on what you want them to wear, then send them out on their own shopping expedition. Plus, if your 'maids get to pick out their own look, there's a high chance they'll wear those pieces again - and that means they won't be shooting you unhappy glares when you're standing at the altar. Win. 

An all-in-one

To have your bridesmaids looking like a million dollars and feeling comfortable, a jumpsuit could be just what you're after. A structured, more formal jumpsuit is a sleek and chic alternative to a traditional bridesmaid's dress, and, if you pick the right style, your ladies may even have the opportunity to wear it more than once. Be warned though, you'll probably want one too. And yes, there is the whole issue of when, uh, nature calls (come on, you know exactly what we're talking about) but that shouldn't stop you from seriously considering this option. 

The tuxedo suit

Feeling bold? Enter the tuxedo suit. Once this classic look was a boys-only kind of get-up, but thanks to the likes of Alexander Wang, Yves Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney, the tuxedo suit has made its way into women's fashion too. An easy look to pull off, dressing your ladies in a two-piece is your one-way ticket to making a statement. The trick to getting this beauty right is all in the fit, and it's worth getting an expert tailor on board to make any alterations. Once you've mastered that, start thinking about the shirt or top you're putting underneath the jacket. We love the idea of a contrasting shell top, but you could keep things simple with a plain shirt or blouse. Bow ties optional. 
Real Life Wedding Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses
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The sophisticated black ensemble

You've all heard of the LBD (Little Black Dress) and that it's a piece every woman should have in her wardrobe. It's a tried-and-true look that will never go out of style - so why wouldn't you dress your bridesmaids in one? Having a row of bridesmaids in an elegant black gown or a classic cocktail dress makes for one good-looking line-up, and you know when you look back on your wedding snaps in five, 10 or 15 years, you won't regret your choice. A black frock can be dressed up or down depending on your style of wedding, so you're sure to find one that suits you... and your besties. 

The clean whites

It's fresh, it's modern and it goes against one of the biggest wedding superstitions going around, but putting your leading ladies in a white dress is a move that's as alternative as it is gorgeous. Take your cues from celeb brides like Kate Middleton, Kate Moss and Solange Knowles by dressing your 'maids in a beautiful white ensemble - what kind of look that is, be it a sweet-as-pie sundress, a formal gown or a boho maxi, is up to you. Those not ready to commit to a bright white could opt for ivory, eggshell or even a soft metallic. 
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