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5 ways to get your groom more involved in wedding planning

Once upon a time wedding, planning the big day was a bride's domain.
And to that, we say a big 'heck, NO'. A wedding involves two people getting hitched, so why shouldn't both of those people have an equal say in how the day plays out? We get that not every groom is going to be invested in (read: care about) the difference between fairy and festoon lighting or how to get peonies in April, but does that mean a bride should be stuck doing all the heavy lifting? Nope. Handballing tasks from your to-do list to your groom is all about playing on his interests. Marrying a music lover? Have him line up the band or reception entertainment. Car enthusiasts can organise your wedding day wheels, and foodies can help nut out the menu. Pretty simple, right? For more ways your groom can pitch in with the planning, we've listed five ideas below. 

The rings

Your wedding rings are perhaps the most symbolic piece of bling you'll ever wear, and choosing your bands calls for an equal amount of input from both parties. Picking your rings doesn't have to be a long-winded task, especially if you know what style you like, what budget you're working with or if you have a favourite jeweller in mind. To up the ring ante, couples can team up to design their own one-off bands or rings. Larsen Jewellery gives couples complete creative control - you'll choose the setting, the stones and the metal, and one of their expert jewellers will bring your design to life. Opt for Larsen's Wedding Ring Experience and you'll even be treated to a light lunch and champagne. Plus, the entire process only takes a couple of hours, so you can easily slot it into an afternoon.

Custom engagement rings
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The suit

Suits + grooms = a no brainer. Having a say in what he'll be rocking on the big day is probably something your partner has already spoken up about, and why not? It's as natural a fit as a bride wanting a say in her dress. Now, we know that some brides might be happy for their grooms to go wild with bowties, cufflink choices, suit colours and trouser lengths, but others may be reluctant to give them free rein. However, leaving your groom's suit choices in the capable hands of crack tailors like the team at Oscar Hunt will guarantee there are no surprises - unwelcome or otherwise - on the wedding day. You can pass along any colour or style suggestions, and rest easy knowing that Oscar Hunt's tailors will take your ideas on board, while still sticking to your groom's wants and wishes. Think of top-notch tailors as the ultimate suit sherpas. 


Groom wedding planning

Got a groom who's handy with a nail gun or a saw? Set them up with the DIY projects you’ve been eyeing off on Pinterest. Even better, make it something you can do together for some much-needed couple time amid the craziness of the lead-up to your big day. On a larger scale, DIY projects could cover woodwork or prop building, but smaller ventures could include piecing together invitations, spray painting bottles for centrepieces or making other decorations. If you whip up something like a ceremony arch, photo booth backdrop or guest book, you’ll also have an extra memento from the big day. And don't stress if it doesn't end up looking quite like the photo on Pinterest - DIY fails can make for hilarious wedding-speech material!

The cake

If the way to your partner's heart is through their stomach, then organising the wedding cake is a task that will hold more appeal than a cold beer on a warm summer afternoon. In particular, there are two words guaranteed to elevate any sweet tooth's heart rate: cake tasting. One of the best places to find your cake maker is on Instagram. You'll be able to get a sense of each baker's style and judge what type of cake makes you turn into a heart-eyes emoji. And if your pick is a rich chocolate mud while your partner is going ga-ga over a fruit-speckled sponge or wax-wrapped wheels of cheese? Dessert table. Looks like Marie Antoinette was right, you can have your cake and eat it too...

The honeymoon

This. Is. It. Your ‘moon is a reward for months (sometimes years) of wedding planning, but it’s also how you’ll kick up your heels and celebrate your 'Just Married' status. While there can be a bit of pressure riding on the honeymoon, it still rates as one of the best wedding-related tasks out there – because who doesn’t love planning a holiday? And if we're being perfectly honest, your partner will probably be more excited about whether you’re going to Mexico or Morocco than what shade of napkin you'll have at the reception. If you love surprises, hand over ownership of the ‘moon to your partner and let them play travel agent. Not only will they pick your destination, but they’re also in charge of the practical stuff like organising flights, arranging visas and booking a sweet pad for your stay. 

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