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Found: what to give the couple who already has everything

Wedding gift ideas
You’re invited to the wedding of friends who have lived together for ages. They don’t need a toaster, blender or Egyptian cotton sheets – so what do you give them?
Choosing a wedding present isn't as easy as it once was. A lot of it comes down to the fact that couples are now living together well before they say ‘I do’, and so don’t necessarily need (or want) the kit that would come in handy if they’d just moved in. That doesn’t really help with a gift-giving predicament though, does it? That’s where we come in. We know how hard it can be to decide on a gift for the couple that already has everything, so we’ve pulled together four ideas that are guaranteed to deliver present inspo. 

The gift that keeps on giving

It’s the present that never ends – at least for a while. This is one of our favourite ideas, because it gives you the chance to tailor a gift to the couple's tastes and is also super thoughtful. A membership or subscription isn't an object, per say, so it's great for couples who don't want extra stuff (read: things they'll have to dust, wash or find a home for) and is something they can enjoy together. Think:

  • A membership for a museum or art gallery  members of galleries, such as the National Gallery of Victoria or Art Gallery of NSW, are often treated to free or discounted tickets, exhibition previews and invitations to members-only events. Other possibilities could include a membership to their favourite sport club.
  • A magazine subscription  this can be for anything, whether it's their fave travel mag, a foodie read or lifestyle title. 
  • Concert or festival tickets  perfect for music lovers! Treat them to tickets to their favourite festival, or buy a voucher for a booking site like Ticketek or Ticketmaster so they can choose a particular event, time or date.
  • A subscription box  there are subscription services covering everything from gourmet goodies to beauty products (for women and men). 

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Help make their big day the best day

More and more couples are footing the bill for their big day themselves, and when you're working with a tight budget it can sometimes mean forgoing extras that are amazing, but not always necessary. Chipping in for something at the wedding is sweet, considerate and a sure fire way to do your friends a solid. 

Of course, what you contribute to and how much you contribute is always up to you, and will depend on how close you are with the couple. You’ll need to do some early legwork with this one, because organising something for the big day does need to be done in advance. The plus side? You won’t experience any last-minute present panic. If you're ready to pitch in, how about helping out with one of these:

  • A videographer
  • A cheese table
  • A photo booth or live Instagram printer for the reception

And sure, these suggestions aren't strictly for the couple (because who won't enjoy a cheesy spread or posing in a photo booth?) but they'll want to ensure their guests have a good time, so it's a win-win!

Go on, #treatyoself 

If ever there was an occasion deserving of a gift that was a little bit special, it's a wedding. It's also the perfect opportunity to treat your friends to something they wouldn't normally buy for themselves. The better you know the couple, the easier this option will be, but you can always ask (subtle) questions to suss out anything they've had their eye on. It doesn't matter what the couple is into  whether they're serious foodies or thrill-seekers  because chances are there's something on their wish list they'd love to receive, like:

  • A voucher for an amazing experience  think a sunrise hot air balloon ride, VIP tickets to a concert or dinner at the chef's table in their favourite restaurant.
  • Lessons  there are classes and courses to suit everyone, from cooking and cocktail-making lessons to language courses and trapeze classes.
  • Something personalised  think outside the box and go for plush monogrammed bathrobes or a slate cutting board.
  • A session with an expert  a consultation with an interior designer is great for couples wanting to renovate.

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Remember, sometimes practicality wins out

Practical doesn't have to mean boring  it can be something useful, handy or an item you know they'll definitely use. A good place to start is by getting an idea of what the couple already has; ask a close family member, friend or even the couple themselves. Then, come up with a shortlist of ideas and start researching. Sites like Hardtofind or Uncommon Goods can lead to inspiration galore but be warned: you’ll probably pick out some things for yourself too. To get you started, some practical (but great) suggestions are:

  • A packed picnic basket, complete with rug, cutlery and crockery.
  • Board games.
  • A carafe or wine decanter  perfect for those fancy dinner parties.
  • A vase  something everyone needs, but may not think about buying until they're given flowers.
Tip: when in doubt, run it past the couple. Chances are they'll appreciate you double-checking and spoiling the surprise, rather than receiving a second of something they already have.

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