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Forget the gelato stand, THIS is where to go in Italy

Honeymoon Destination Italy
We get it, visiting Italy for your honeymoon is all about living la dolce vita, but there's more to see than the Colosseum and the inside of every gelateria within a 10-kilometre radius of your hotel.

Italy is, after all, one of the most romantic countries in Europe and it has all the makings of a dream honeymoon: the culture, the wine, the history, the food, the wine... Whether you want to see everything from the Amalfi Coast to Florence or are just after a couple of on-point locations, there's no doubt you'll have a blast. But if you also want to ditch the crowds and have some serious one-on-one time, we've got four spots that haven't been discovered by busloads of camera-toting tourists (yet), which means you won't have to jostle your way to the best views. Put simply, you'll want to get your passport ready - just saying. 

You can check out the full low-down on each of these destinations in the new issue of Bride, on sale now, but to whet your wanderlust appetite, here's a sneak peek of your soon-to-be honeymoon hotspots. 

Matera, Basilicata

Honeymoon Destination Italy
Make your way down to southern Italy and you'll find Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that, despite its illustrious status, hasn't made it onto many traveller's itineraries. Your days here will be spent wandering the winding alleyways, admiring the huge basilicas and visiting the tucked-away monasteries. Ernest Hemingway called this coast home during the 1950s, and the gorgeous backdrop and its local fisherman served as inspiration for The Old Man and the Sea

Saturnia, Tuscany

Honeymoon Destination Italy
Tuscany is a favourite with honeymooners for a reason: it's prime food and wine country and, if you know where to look, you can call a grand Italian villa home for however long you fancy. The southern corner of Tuscany has long flown under the honeymoon radar, even though it's home to destinations so beautiful you'll consider a permanent move to this pocket of Italy. Saturnia is a small village touted by the Roman Empire for its miraculous 37°C thermal waters and their beatific properties. 

Syracuse, Sicily

Honeymoon Destination Italy
In Sicily, the flavours are richer, the traditions stronger and the festivals are brimming with bright colours and music. Syracuse sits on the southeast corner of the island and was founded by Ancient Greeks. The lively town is home to 120,000 locals, as well as a smattering of citrus orchards, terracotta-coloured palazzos and faded Renaissance frescos. 

Verona, Veneto

Honeymoon Destination Italy
The name Verona probably rings a bell or two; it might even bring on flashbacks of your high-school English class. That would be because this Verona and the one in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet are one and the same - there's even a 14th-century palazzo dedicated to the star-crossed lovers. Verona often plays second fiddle to its more famous cousin, Venice, but there's no reason this northern Italian city shouldn't make it onto your honeymoon hit list too. Lake Como is only three hours away by car - make sure you say hi to George Clooney for us. 

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